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Single Brands

Deploy your own personalized app for both iOS and Android.


Distribute catalogs and content from multiple brands and sources onto the same App, thus reaching a broader and more diverse audience.


Help foster a sense of community by engaging the users with tailored content and messaging specific to their demographics.


There's so much we can do for you

A remarkably versatile App packed with features.


From videos to blogs, from product literature to catalogs, your customers and prospects will receive the content they want and consume it when and how they want.


Using automated attributions and promotional campaigns to provide personalized content, our solution will increase conversion and retention rates to create a new channel with fresh revenue opportunities.


We've built the shopping and payment experience from the ground-up for a mobile user with a focus on making things easy.


Mobile Monetization Platform

consumers value covenience and context

Your own branded mobile App will engage leads, convert prospects into customers, up-sell and retain consumers by providing context specific content and delivering an amazing user experience.

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engage & convert

By providing a feature and content rich mobile App, you're ensuring a high level of interaction with your user community. Updating the content and keeping it current, along with messaging and other notifications, will provide a high level of engagement and lead to a higher rate of conversions.

metrics we improve

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A collection of options to acquire customers 

Automated attributions

Send emails or SMS messages and accurately track new user attributions.

push notifications

Reach out to your users via notifications, so they're always one tap away from updates and new content.

social sharing 

Foster a sense of community and increase your reach and awareness by connecting with the major social networks.

invite friends via sms

In addition to building a user base via traditional marketing campaigns, enable existing users to invite their friends and contacts and improve the adoption rate.

deep linking support

Direct users from ads or marketing promotions to specific areas within the app for direct purchase or feedback.

affiliates support 

Leverage attributions to pay commissions to affiliates or support customer rewards for referrals. 

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video channel

Distribute videos in streaming mode, on-demand download, or automatic download when connected to WiFi.  In any case, make the content readily available to the users however they want to consume it.

media & Docs library

Publish content in a variety of formats and provide the ability to share with others through the app or via download links.


Create offers based on special events, limited product offerings, or simply offer price incentives.

Flip book catalogs

Turn a simple PDF into a real life experience flipping through pages and selecting products presented on each page, to either view more information or purchase them.


Present your products in a tabular format and include filters to simplify navigation.

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Membership Management

Automatically enroll new users and create groups based on demographics, interests, or other qualifications in order to reach out with Context specific Content.

Subscription Management

Provide various types of paid/free subscription models to create a network of users.

multi-Shopping carts

Create multiple shopping (wish) lists and store them until ready to complete the purchase.


Set up for one-time donations or recurring donations as requested by your donors.

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Payment TOOLS

A variety of payment options for multiple scenarios.

In app purchase

Leverage Apple iTunes and Google Play to manage all your subscriptions or individual purchases.

credit card Payments

Through integration with ePayments Network, the App provides the ability to set up a Global Merchant account or individual merchant accounts depending on the specific requirements of your implementation.


Connect with your banking institution to provide the ability to process checks.

cash payments

Safely and securely receive and keep track of cash payments.

secure one taP purchase 

Credit Card information is securely stored (tokenized) so that future purchases can be simply completed with one tap.

single BRAND

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large ticket volumes

Designed for single brands, large or small.

Brand specific app with own logo and name in the app stores (Apple iTunes and Google Play).

fully branded
all inclusive setup fees
go live in 6-8 weeks

Prepared to host multiple brands in on App.

Client specific app, setup to host catalogs and content from multiple brands.

All Inclusive Package
publishing services for catalogs & content

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large ticket volumes

mobile cloud services

  • content management

    Upload, stage and publish content by using a simple and intuitive web based interface.

  • users management

    The User Console allows administrators to create and maintain user profiles and groupings for specific content distribution.  The system also allows for bulk upload of users and self-service operations.

  • analytics 

    Review a comprehensive set of metrics on App usage including Most/Least Active User, Most/Least Viewed Content, App use Time Period, and more.

Get In Touch

If you'd like to discuss your specific requirements, please reach out by calling, emailing, or filling out the message to the right.  We'll be in touch as quickly as possible.


Email: hello@xcelleratemobile.com


If you have more questions, email us at help@xcelleratemobile.com, and we'll do our best to answer in a timely manner.

  • how long does it take to go live?

    A Single brand app can go live in as quickly as 6-8 weeks depending on approval times from Apple/iTunes.  This also assumes all the branding and content is ready and made available during the first couple of weeks of implementation..

  • how do you integrate backend systems?

    Our platform leverages standard APIs to connect to any backend system.

  • how much does the customer have to do?

    The customer will be required to provide branding elements and content in a timely manner and according to the proposed project plan.  Depending on the intended use of the app and its demographics, the customer may also be required to provide at least an initial set of users.

  • how is this different than e-commerce?

    e-commerce is traditionally web based transactions.  This is an engagement platform built for mobile devices so that you're always connected to your users and can have a direct link to them.  Additionally, its features support marketing & sales activities, thus enabling mobile-commerce.

About US

Investing in monetizing audiences  

Xcellerate partners with passionate entrepreneurs, startups, and well established companies to build enduring, profitable relations by helping our partners focus on what they do well and letting us monetize existing assets trough mobile apps.


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Twila is a Co-Founder of Xcellerate Mobile. She oversees the operational aspects as well as working on identifying new business opportunities. She was also Co-Founder and Director of True Investments, which she co-founded with her husband, Alan True. Twila has experience as a successful operator of an opportunistic business that scaled quickly and achieved a successful exit. Specifically, together with her husband, Twila managed True Innovations, a multinational consumer products licensing and manufacturing business based in Asia that employed more than 4,000 people. True Innovations was acquired by Li & Fung; publicly traded in Hong Kong.

tami kautzman

Tami is a Co-Founder of Xcellerate Mobile where she's responsible for new business development and managing the current client relationships. Ms. Kautzman is an experienced marketing business development, relationship management professional with over 20+ years experience. Throughout her career she has worked with entrepreneurs and investors and has developed a comprehensive network of industry experts and business leaders. Ms. Kautzman is the Founder, CEO of the Family Chateaux, a consulting firm serving an exclusive clientele of Ultra High Net-Worth investors. Ms. Kautzman advises a number of clients in the technology, consumer products and retail space with a focus on the media, influencer, celebrity and branding community.


Jerry is responsible for the strategic direction of Xcellerate Mobile. He possesses over thirty years of experience in analytics, financial services, software, insurance, risk management and banking. Jerry is a serial entrepreneur and introduced the concept of micro-loans on prepaid debit cards. An innovator in the insurance industry, Jerry developed and perfected the analytics to show the correlation between credit report data and "at fault" accidents in private passenger auto insurance. Today Jerry chairs many Fintech and Mobile Commerce companies and sits on several boards.